Karatbars invented WHIM, a laptop which uses VOBP (Voice over blockchain protocol)

Watch the WHIM explainer video by Clicking Here

To purchase a WHIM laptop, you must have a Karatbars account. Click here to register your free account. After it is created, you can buy Karatbars unique gold or hardware products. It also gives you access to use some of their inventions. Karatbars’ projects include a payment system a crypto token called KBC, a merchant program, the WHIM blockchain laptop, the K1Impulse blockchain smartphone, and more.

Given user’s blockchain based identities are interchangeable between the WHIM and K1Impulse smartphone. The devices literally have hardware private keys you can remove from a WHIM, and insert into the K1Impulse–and vice versa. This is a game changer because it allows a user to have more control over their identity. Compartmentalization of device accessors is a major cyber security threat. Having one identity to manage crypto payments, encrypted calls, texts, and emails is much more secure.

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