Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and KBC at your place of business using K-Merchant.

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You already have a good selling product. I know it can be hard with all these rewards programs and competition to get online traction. That is why you need to be able to accept the most kinds of money you can. Just imagine how much more revenue your business could earn by accepting #crypto payments. The #Kmerchant program will allow you to make money from the $201,000,000,000+ of crypto that is floating around. It’s a wealthy crowd.

Your Customers see your branding throughout the checkout experience

It has a customizable tailored checkout. You don’t have to worry about chargebacks and you will have peace of mind knowing there is 24/7 fraud monitoring. Accept one click #crypto payments! Ka ching! Its much cheaper than nearly all current #POS systems, by far. Easily implement the payment processor in your online store by using the API or #WordPress, #Prestashop, or #Shopify plugins. There is World-Class Assistance to get you up and accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and KBC payments!

The K-Merchant program is one component of the Karatbars Universe. There are already 600,000 customers and affiliates. They are all potential shoppers for your business! If you pre-register and join my #Karatbars team, I’ll even support you by helping to promote your store to my team. My team has purchased tens of millions of dollars of products online. We’re championing progress with #FinTech and creating a practical, economic solution for crypto currency. Payment processor speed has been a main focus. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re using a #blockchain powered payment solution. Its so fast! It will support #Christmas shopping, and #blackfriday

Pre-register now! It only takes less than a minute. Show that you truly support #bitcoin, and #Ethereum, and the #crypto world by registering your business as a real acceptance partner.

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