Karatbars’ K1Impulse Blockchain Smartphone Explainer Video Playlist

The K1Impulse blockchain smartphone brings forward a new era in telecommunications. It was invented by Karatbars and CryptoData.
In order to purchase one, you must have a Karatbars account. You can register in just a minute by Clicking Here

After your Karatbars account is registered. Head over to Karatgold.SG. You will need to login with your Karatbars username and password at Karatgold.SG

After you do in the black bar in your dashboard you will see product purchase. It is a dropdown, on the dropdown you will see the K1Impulse product, the WHIM blockchain laptop computer, and more. Be sure to read the product details, then make your purchase. It is important to read the details because there are always different promotions running.

Register your Karatbars customer account: https://www.karatbars.com/?s=karatstars

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