Harald Seiz presenting his book at the Frankfurter book fair 2019

This city has always fascinated me, the city of Frankfort. Known to be a city of trade and economic clout. As a kid I was amazed by handing over piece of paper for ice cream, toys, and candy. Handing over such a paper and receiving a toy racetrack in return. I just could not believe it.

Where could I get this magic paper? This idea I couldn’t get out of my mind. I started asking questions and read every book I could find. I Learned the money was backed by gold as a paper form to save us from carrying it around. Something of real value was behind that paper.

But everything was changed. The value was cut and the gold standard was abolished. Since then the value of money has been the biggest lie of all. The dollar bill is now just a paper subject to inflation and devaluation.

This must stop. The solution returning to piece of gold that you can actually hold and it holds value. Or even better cashgold, paper pressed and refined with real gold, A masterpiece solution. And a forgery proof cryptocurrency.

Here I am in the city of money, but not as a beggar, or a gold dealer. The Frankfurt Book Fair has invited me to read from my books that will help the world believe in gold again. Think big will help show people how to be successful.

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