Thomas Valet Travels 20+ hours to go into the depths of Karatbars’ gold mines

Blockchain industry leader Karatbars has been under fire. Critics all over social media have said various components of their ecosystem are fake. Thomas Valet, the Communication manager at Karatbars traveled 20+ hours to get footage from inside ONE of the gold mines.

It’s quite suspicious that even after receiving various information which substantiated the bold claims of Karatbars, these haters and news outlets have failed to acknowledge the destruction they have caused. They fail to realize the impact this has on innocent customers and affiliates of the company. People have been harassed solely for buying products.

It seems there is nothing this company can do to please them. It is as if they have a vested interest in the destruction of Karatbars. Nonetheless, Karatbars shows their integrity and strength daily as they humbly navigate a non-business friendly blockchain space.

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