Karatbars invites Bitcoin pioneer and critic Andreas Antonopolous to their headquarters.

Who is Andreas Antonopolous

Andreas Antonopolous is a blockchain pioneer. He wrote the go to programming books for people who want to start Bitcoin and Ethereum development. We have heard nothing but outstanding reviews about his books and his work. Andreas is also known for his great work in calling out the Onecoin crypto currency inflation pyramid scam. His books can be purchased on Amazon. They all have a 4.5-5 star rating:

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and DApps 

We share his contribution to the greater blockchain world first because the point of this article is not to damage his reputation. We know that his work has propelled the blockchain story forward. His work really helps a lot of engineers. If you’re thinking about buying one of his books, you should buy it.

This piece had to be written because Andreas is for once in his life behind the times on something. When brilliant people are not up to speed on something, it often negatively impacts innocent lives. And so here we are.

Nobody knows why Andreas Antonopolous thinks Karatbars is a scam. Does he even know why?

According to Andreas, he has been a critic of the Karatbars ecosystem for at least a year. October 4th he tweeted this.

When he famously opposed OneCoin he had verifiable data proving the wrongdoings of the company. In the case of Karatbars, all he has is a Coindesk article. An article which has been proven to contain a lot of inaccuracies. The CoinDesk article was quietly, stealthily amended after significant damage was already done to the reputation of Karatbars. The original article contained blatantly false information. As of this time it still contains inaccuracies. Learn more by following this Twitter thread. The false article was retweeted to Andreas’s 500,000+ followers.

People from the Karatbars community commented on his thread. They shared facts about the Karatbars ecosystem that proved cornerstone elements of the article wrong. Despite this, Andreas didn’t delete the tweet.

Andreas then continues his Karatbars is a “scam” crusade, but shows no verifiable proof

We agree that if Tony De Gouveia had in fact used the reputation of Andreas Antonopolous as “an endorsement” of the Karatbars project, that would be wrong. But that is not what happened. Even after the truth was revealed, the tweet implying that the company Tony builds, Karatbars, is a scam, remains on his profile. This negatively impacts hundreds of thousands of people who follow strict compliance and build this business.

Karatbars and it’s community members welcome a thorough review from Andreas Antonpolous

Even after tweeting articles with false information, and calling Karatbars a scam with no substantiation, Karatbars humbly invited him to come visit their headquarters.

This is how he responded.

Am I the only one who finds this to be ironic? In his original retweet he said, ” I called Karatbars a pyramid scheme a year or more ago. It’s heartbreaking to see I was right about it.”

Like damn son. If it was actually heartbreaking to see you were right about it, then you should be excited to learn that you were wrong. If asking a man who greatly contributed to the damaging of reputations for an honest review is asking to much, then that tells the world a long tale about the lack of substance in the original claims.

And before you say what about the investigation. The investigation he is referring to was very recently conducted by the BAFIN. It is quite a scandal actually. A German government agency performed an investigation on a fake website and thought it was the official company website of Karatbars. In the official report the BAFIN even mentions the fake website. The company is in contact with the BAFIN, and is working hard to clear up misunderstandings.

Andreas has a history of being anti-business

He has tweeted harsh comments about lawful referral and affiliate models. We will let you draw your own conclusion, but to us it looks like he doesn’t like referral marketing broadly. Something Karatbars categorically fits into.

He also doesn’t like influencer marketing. He seems quite uneasy about this healthy convergence of business and blockchain. He hasn’t realized yet that these two industries working together is the key to crypto mass adoption.

Ironically, if he stood by his June tweet, then that would also mean he believes Binance is a scam? It had BNB and an affiliate program at the time of his tweet? So why is Binance allowed to go against the grain of his views, but Karatbars is not? He recently posted a near 10 minute video regarding Binance, and didn’t once mention how their affiliate program makes them a scam according to his views. Very interesting.

Broadly labeling companies who use long-standing traditional business models as a scam or pyramid scheme is very anti-innovation. Public statements like these are counter intuitive to greater progress of the blockchain industry. Implying that any company in the crypto space who uses referral marketing, or influencer marketing, or affiliate marketing is a scam is the same as saying, “there can’t be a legitimate crypto company using these 21st century business strategies.” It is wrong. Especially when you support companies like Binance who are doing the same thing.

The Karatbars ecosystem contributes greatly to the crypto industry. Thousands of affiliates are working hard to register new Bitcoin, Ethereum, and KBC acceptance partners. The project has a real vision for mass adoption. If Andreas would take the company up on their offer of doing his own due dilligence, he might just see that. Maybe he is scared he will see its potential, and love it. He may even decide to join Karatbars. This happens to a lot of critics who review the project.

We who purchase these products and build this business stand by the Karatbars ecosystem. We are not scared of a thorough review of the project by Andreas Antonopolous. In fact, we welcome it. Andreas has been thinking this is a scam for one plus year. So he must have some verifiable evidence besides an article which was edited multiple times for inaccuracies? It appears not.

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