Anybody can contribute to global reforestation efforts by using Ecosia’s search engine

After tragedy strikes, most people genuinely want to help. In the case of reforestation, the search engine is a real game changer. When you use their search engine, it basically helps fund the planting of trees.

Think about how many times you have searched google, or your favorite search engine in your lifetime. That is a lot of searches! According to their website, Ecosia will plant a tree at a rate of approx. 1 tree per 45 times that you use their search engine. That means over time you changing from searching google to Ecosia can result in a lot of trees being planted. They’ve already planted over 80,000,000 trees.

This is a real way that anyone from anywhere can help global reforestation efforts. For years they’ve been focused in areas around the world which needed reforestation. Australia hasn’t been a focus for them, but they focus their efforts where it is needed most. So I’m guessing after the fires end, they will likely put some focus in Australia.

Ecosia respect’s their user’s privacy:

  • They anonymize all searches within one week.
  • They don’t sell your data to advertisers
  • Your searches are fully encrypted
  • They don’t use external tracking tools
  • You have the option to turn off all tracking

The company is also fully transparent. You can review their financial reports and tree-planting receipts if you’re feeling skeptical. This is one of a few projects that I share. There is no monetary benefit from me showing you Ecosia.

Download the official Ecosia extension in the chrome web store

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