About Karatstars

Making sense of the ecosystem

The Karat.TV project was architected by Karatstars. Karatstars LLC is a US based company. It was founded in 2015, by Taylor Richey. The company’s primary focus is blockchain development, ecommerce, and broadly—internet development. The Karat.TV project was developed for sharing Karat ecosystem news updates. For in depth information about Karatstars LLC, Click Here.

Karatstars LLC is also a Karatbars affiliate. So this website is also our way to show people great Karatbars products. Some of those products include the WHIM, ImpulseK1, and Gold. Karat.TV is also becoming a great knowledge base. Please only share this website privately with your current affiliates, it contains referral links. If you send this website to a prospect they may join from the wrong referral link. If an affiliate sent you here, please get back in contact with them, and ask them which link to join from. If not, then you can register your account below, and work with Karatstars and Taylor Richey.

Create a Free Karatbars Account

It’s easy to register for Karatbars, start by setting up your free account by clicking here or the button below. In working with Karatstars, you get to work with Taylor Richey. Meaningful collaboration is critical to success. Taylor Richey brings tremendous value as a business partner. He spends a lot of time mentoring.

Karatstars is a Blockchain start-up with a 50 year plan

Taylor Richey spent most of the last 6 years researching technology and building. His journey and circumstances led him to build Karatstars. His company places much thought in their inventions because they want to solve intense problems. Their online marketplace, Karatstars.com leverages blockchain. A component of the ecosystem is a blockchain invention called KARAT. The company defines it as something that exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

Karatstars’ token distribution model is set up in a way which could run for decades. Shoppers and merchants can claim KARAT after performing certain action on Karatstars.com. Shoppers can claim after shopping, and sellers can claim after selling. Our marketplace offers a new channel for people to spend crypto and for businesses to let user’s spend crypto as a payment for their products! It’s a new way to easily participate in the booming crypto economy.

KARAT can be used in our beta blockchain app. Although it’s functional, it’s not our primary focus right now. It’s something we will focus on when there is a greater community of users who have a reason to interact with it. KARAT is also our metric for internal calculation of effectiveness of our technologies. This allows us to better serve our rapidly growing community, it lets us see which users are best serving our companies current objectives, and it creates intense loyalty.

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